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Dubois County Block & Brick manufactures both normal weight and light weight concrete block. In addition to making the traditional smooth face block, we make several types of block with a textured face. SPLIT FACE and SPLIT FLUTED. We also custom manufacture COLORED block by special order. When required by job specifications, or requested by a customer, we can manufacture block using the INTEGRAL WATER REPELLANT moisture protection system.

Split face block has, for many years been a leading masonry material, used in many applications. With the availability of a variety of sizes and colors, it allows for a wide range of uses. Whether it be construction of a new home, office building, warehouse, or the remodeling of a storefront, split face block can be the answer. Not only is it a versatile building material, it is also virtually maintenance free and fire-resistant. With split face block, creative possibilities abound for enhancing buildings of all types and sizes.

“Smart Space” is the term used to describe the economical utilization of below grade space. Unfinished basement can be attractive. They should be designed to be easily converted at any time from unfinished to finished living areas at the lowest possible cost. Walls of poured concrete are typically gray with a smooth form finish. They are available with an embossed brick surface, but the appearance is easily discernible as that of imitation brick. If other finishes are desired, walls must be furred and given some type of covering such as painted dry wall, plaster, or paneling. Architectural finishes for concrete masonry interior walls need not constitute any additional expense, since they can be an integral part of the wall. Initially the basement area can be used for storage. If any additional living space is desired, the basement can be converted to living quarters using the same walls for finished walls. Split face concrete blocks provide attractive, maintenance-free walls. The use of different bonding patterns and accent bands, provides additional options to standard wall treatments.

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